6 Courses In One

Hello & Welcome Flip Homes No Money Down! Several different course in one for us.  This way you will not have to take course after courses to understand how to make a living flipping homes.

  • Course # 1 How to Buy A Home No Money Down. These are homes you can live in yourself or you can – lease purchase,option consideration, owner finance deals these deals to others.  This is over 4 Hrs  of videos where I will walk you through the process.
  • Course # 2  Whole Sale quick flip properties. These are the Handy Man Specials Flips-Rehab Homes! How to find these home and quick flip for an extra 3-5-15 thousand plus each month.
  • Course #3 Luxury Homes Flips– These are where the BIG dollars are at instead of making 5k-15K plus a month. These flips will be able to bring in thousands of dollars more. This is a totally different ball game where deep pockets will compete to acquire theses homes from you. Most people will easily spend over $5000 plus alone for this course. How do I know this ,I have been to these boot camps and have seen them pack out for this price alone. Not today.
  • Course #4  Conquer The Internet for front page listing. Sellers and buyers are always looking on line for more information about you. This includes how to have a website that attracts- buyers-seller to you. Front page internet listing with videos, Google Maps-Back links just to name a few.  Most internet companies will charge you a high dollar just to get started, plus a monthly fee for these services.
  • Course #5 Mobile Phone Marketing and websites to stay ahead of your competition 24/7. These days everyone will care their phones with them and you’re able to stay in touch with just a push of a button.
  • Course # 6 Outsource Your Work so that you can spend only a fraction of your time in your business and majority of your time doing what you love best. This course will teach you how to find these hungry workers, how to pay them, only when your task is complete and how they will bring you deals each and every month. Priceless! I will show you how to have others knocking on doors, handing out flyers,placing bandit signs out and as wells talking to the homeowners for you. 
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