About Me

Hello My name is Jesse Garcia. I started to invest in real estate shortly after I received a honorable discharge from the United States Marines Corps in 1994.


 I was always interested in real estate but only gave it a real try shortly  after a preacher came to our church and explain a little  how the process worked.  He explained how he was purchasing several different homes and was offering a course for only $35. The course was on cassette tapes with no contract forms to work with.   That was when I first became involved in the real estate business. I was young, hungry and knew I wanted something more in my life.  I have since then and now continue to educate myself. I have personally taker several  different course over the years and spent thousands of dollar s to learn different  Real Estate  Investment courses.

Am happily married with three kids one on the way beautiful children.  As a youngster, I grow up in Houston Texas but now live, and make our home in North fammCarolina.

I believe we are placed here on earth for a greater purpose and believe and trust God as my true inspiration.

I don’t believe there is a miracle path to instant riches, but I do believe  if you get good advice, roll up your sleeves and give it a determined try, YOU can be successful. I don’t believe in get rich quick programs, I do believe in adding value and sharing my information. I believe in you and know that,Yes, you can be successful. Yes, your first step is to take action. Faith without works is dead. I did not know everything there was to know about real estate, but knew that Real Estate could make a difference in my life.  The information that I share here is a wealth of information that is proven results. If we want something different in our lives we have to do something a little different, than what we are used to.

I know what it’s like to struggle. I’ve been through horrible cycle of poverty in my earlier life. Both my parents are from Mexico and as I kid I lived in Mexico for a bit. I would take to the streets to sell items to contributing to our family financial needs. Later on in life as our parent’s divorces we moved to the United States as my mothers work 3 jobs to support 6 kids. Yes 3 jobs my mom worked selling Avon door to door, work as a bus girl in a Mexican restaurant on weekends and 2nd shirt at a meat cutting plant. All to support her family she loved so dear. Not having much as a child I always dreamed of a better life.

I too had dreams of doing something better for my life and know if I could learn a proven formula you can as well. I have seen and have been through a lot. In fact, the strategies that I will show you are lessons learned during those times of struggle. I learned from it. I grew from it. I prospered when others gave up. These struggles allowed me to figure it out.


Take action in what ever you want to fulfill for your life. Place God first and you can’t go wrong.


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