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Go ahead, I dare you…… give your boss his walking papers…. stop trading time for dollars…. it’s time to gain back the awe and respect of those who now doubt you…… live the life you always dream of.


Our Online Home Study System gives any investor the unfair advantage how to invest in pre-foreclosures with little to No Mondy Down

We contact them through a publicized, defaulted list. Go to your courthouse or, better yet, ask around at a local real-estate investment club for who provides a list of people in default. Whether it’s the 5 letters I’ve created or the fact we mail people $5,000 checks, lottery tickets, or rubber balls our mail gets answered!
….and when it doesn’t?
We fire out our marketing message with a laser-guided grenade launcher to make sure your deal-funnel gets filled with a continuous, never-ending supply of leads….. all sellers behind on payments.


Simply put, a house behind on payments, still owned by the homeowner, where the lender’s loan is in default. A loan hits the default stage once the mortgage has not been paid within 30 days. After 90 days, this list of people is publicized at your court house on public records, known as the 90-day Notice of Default or N.O.D. The bank does not own the home because it is pre-auction. It does, however own the mortgage which is in default.


No Carrying Costs: During your acquisitions negotiations even up. Until you sell, no one is making the payments. This is critical to new and seasoned
investors alike who normally watch these profits get sucked up by dangerous
holding costs.

Niche Market – All-successful business modules are built on niche markets. Remember a “jack-of-all-trades, but master of none”?! It takes a focused marketing effort to find these deals…. Training to understand the short-sale process…. and understanding the proper exits when selling. Investors who won’t do what it takes to learn these dynamics in pre-foreclosures soon go back to their jobs – THIS LEAVES MORE FOR US. The training is the easy part; just leave that up to me.


Motivated People who need your help:

This is a business of helping people and getting paid largely for it. Stop dealing with sellers who want appraised value. If you are having trouble locating deals with at least 30% equity, we do that all day in pre-foreclosures – even on gorgeous houses that need no repairs.

Unusually Large Equity Spreads

We create equity by requesting a lender to take less than what is owed a payoff. They do this because they don’t want to repossess the property. This discounting process creates equity where there is none- and creates more money to you in the same deal. This can’t be done on houses which are not in Default.
Ability to Discount

There is huge money – try $32,000 plus to be exact. This is what many investors nationwide are gaining when they negotiate debt. Think about making an extra 32K on each deal… this means you work less, but make more. Spend more time traveling and building your dreams. Don’t try this on deals not in default – you’ll be denied.

Financing Already in Place

Buying houses in your own name and your own credit is old news and very dangerous. Today’s preferred method is taking over existing debt (NOT ASSUMING), which remains in the seller’s name. Idiots own property and other assets in their own name. The super-rich own in Trusts controlling the beneficial interest. I used to own property personally and all of the liability that comes with it. Tax advantages, depreciation, and appreciation are enjoyed by those who quietly and cleverly disguise their ownership. I’ll show YOU how to accumulate wealth and keep your assets protected permanently. Advanced strategies only the super-wealthy usually enjoy….. until now.

Less Competition

Stop bidding against others at the auction, slay your untrained competition, sneak in and steal the deal before anyone else…. all the while just under other investors’ noses. Many competitors truly underestimate the vat of money and hidden fortune waiting to be tapped by those who are trained properly. Untrained investors are confused and walk around in a perpetual zombie-like funk. Too smart for their own britches. I used to be like that, too, until I realized it takes learning – still to this day I’ve got plenty I’m still learning. It comes from closing deals all over our country. I’ll show you how to be the “genius” in your town. Even in an investor-competition rich environment like Tampa, FL or L.A. where you “can’t swing a dead cat” without hitting another investor. I’m talking insider info.
Building Long-Term Residual Wealth Without Money OR Credit

In pre-foreclosures, it’s our buyers who fund us out and maximize our leverage. Our buyers pay off our negotiated second mortgages, our discounted first mortgages- it’s our job to orchestrate the deal, negotiate the debt, and collect GARGANTUA checks for our efforts. Most of the time this means NO large rehab projects and time-wasting deals. In and out quickly: collect those checks FAST so you too can leave your job in 90 days. For some people this may look like leaving their current real-estate investing “job” for a more lucrative, less traveled path.

Birddog marketing,

How would you like to have an arsenal of hungry motivated individuals knocking on doors for you?  YES, this is our secret marketing sauce we use that can bring you in a ton of more deals each month. Imagine having 1099 employees that will go out each night and talk to defaulted homeowners for you for.   The quickest way to any deal is to meet up in person. Most investors don’t have the time or knowledge of what to say to these defaulted homeowners. Plus your birddogs can make a nice living themselves by bring in deals. They receive a percentage of the sale from the property that is sold.

The Secret To Creating Mass Wealth Is To Delegate Your Work.

This Way Everyone Gets a Peace of the Pie! 

 Outsourcing Marketing

  • Bird Dogs 1099 Employees
  • How to Finding Eager individual (Bird Dogs)
  • Training your Bird Dogs and what they said, offer 
  • Membership log site for them send you deals via the internet
  •  More Deals Than Ever Imagine. With just 5 Birddogs bring in just 2 deals each month, that’s an extra 10 deals you acquire with very little effort on your part.  

What would life be like if you could just set back and have deals come your way? If you live in a large city as Houston, Los Angeles, New York you can have an endless supply of deals with even more birddogs bring in more deals.

How Do We Profit When Buying and Selling Pre-foreclosure Properties?

We operate in an environment prior to the bank foreclosure. Our steps to succeed in this business are actually very simple:

  •  Find a Deal
  • Get control of the property
  • Negotiate a discount with the lender
  • Postpone the foreclosure sale
  • Fund the deal using a buyer or private money
  • Large sums of cash as you close each month

WHAT IS Tomorrow Going to Be Like For You? If we continue to do the same thing today we will reap the same reward tomorrow. Make a difference for yourself you’ll be glad you did.

Sign up today so that you can be on your way to a better future. As they say knowledge is power and we are offering a chance to make a difference for you and your family.


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