Real Estate Forms

In this course I will show and give you different forms I personally use for my real estate investments. I will walk you through and explain which forms I use different types of transactions.  Wholes quick flips, lease to own homes, option agreements, foreclosure contracts and paper work, tenant leases just to name a few many Real Estate Contacts

Want to own a home even if you have the worst credit out there? Can’t qualify for a mortgage or home loan? As they say the rich keep getting richer and know how to own and hide their assets, properties in Land Trust Agreements.

A Land Trust agreement along with the beneficiary agreement lets you legally own a home for as little as $10. Wow! No Credit check nor will anyone know that you have several homes.

  • Sellers Contracts
  • Buyers Contracts
  • Options Purchase Agreements
  • Lease with Option to Buy
  • Attrach
  • Tenant Agreements
  • Agreement and statements of understanding
  • Limited power of attorney
  • Sales Clause
  • Land Trust Agreement
  • Beneficiary Agreement
  • Correctly filing with your court house

Realize if you were to go out and have an attorney draw up just a few of these contracts they would charge you over a hundred dollars for just one contract alone. Plus they will ask for you to continue to work with them for each closing. We make it simple by letting you watch over my shoulder as I explain each one in detail and how they are different from one another.

Save yourself a few thousand dollars and sign up today to jump start your Real Estate Investment.

For an incredibly onetime investment of only $47.99 How can you go wrong with over 30 different forms?  Some of these forms, flyers will be in English and Spanish.

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