Here are just a few of my listing of some helpful resources. They will come in handy as you build your real estate business. I have several different resources  to help you jump start your real estate business once you become a member. All explain in details, lets get you  started right away.  Please be sure to do your own resource and see what they have to offer.

Research city info


Manage your assistants that will help you with your business.

  2. www.basecampHQ.COM

For your bandit signs.  Signs work wonders having motivated sellers calling you to get rid of their homes.

Signs –

Voice messaging. I will show you how to have a 24 Hr. assistance that will screen out the sellers and buyers calling you.

Home Warranties

Internet phone directories                                            

I will show you have to do a rent to own-owner fiance deal and make a ton of cash as your buyers move in.  I will show you a trick that most investors don’t know. How would it feel to have an extra 10-15 thousand from your buyers coming to you. Realize you are picking up these homes for only $10.  Some of these sellers will even give you money to take their homes.  Yes! That is correct they will pay you. I will show you how this is done. Nice!  Plus how to market and have a hungry buyers lining that are waiting for their new home.

Am a proud Mexican American and I served this GREAT County of ours for four years in the United States Marine Corps. That being said I speak spanish and used my ability to marketing to the Hispanic community.  I will show you how to do this with flyers and Hispanic Realtors and Loan officers for an even bigger buyers listing.

Learn more about Hispanic Community here.

This company will assist you when taking payments for  this. It makes it a lot easier since money will go directly into your bank account. They handle all the paper work for you. Nice!

Have several different resources to help you sky rocket your success in the real estate business once you become a members. Sign up today with total confidence.  If you feel that the information I provide will not help you out. Remember you have my 30 day money back Guarantee.


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